Monkey & Robot : Book 1
Doctor Monkey an astonishing story of Wheezes and sneezes

Monkey & Robot books are coming out 2011...order you early copies here

Monkey & Robot : Book 2
Cardboard Robot the incredible tale of some amazing toys

Monkey & Robot : Book 3
In the Garden a surprising story of some special seeds

Monkey & Robot : Book 4
In the Snow the amazing tale of an incredible snowball

Dog Day
My first book!
A very funny book about some children who go to school and find out that their teacher is a dog, so they learn to do dog stuff!

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"Broadway’s charmingly simple illustrations capture the joyful curiosity of Ben and Ellie’s class as they accept the most silly of circumstances. In a number of spreads, she manages to display each child’s individuality, and during naptime, she masterfully invokes the sweet bliss of sleep that comes under the watchful eye of a loyal and trusted friend. The artwork establishes a rhythmic interplay between words and images, as they become compositional elements that inform and complement one another."

«Kirkus Review- July 2008

The art features trim, determined lines with quirky, at times childlike draftsmanship, while digital planes of color fill in the spaces (sometimes with stripes or interesting effects, as with the combed woodgrain that constitutes the school floors). Brown and white Riff has a certain loopy authority (and he sleeps with one eye open during naptime, the better to watch his charges) that makes the obedience of the multicultural cast of kids as understandable as their delight."

September 2008 issue of The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

pbeat cartoons show a boy saying 

"Hi!" and a kindergarten or preschool room, with a wall in the background enlivened by photo-collage art...Broadway, Hayes's (Nine Ducks Nine) daughter-in-law, uses digital techniques to sneak a variety of realistic textures (woodgrain flooring, gingham fabric) into her sleek cartoons, adding lots of visual interest to a simple conceit."

Publishers Weekly

"Colorful full-page illustrations add to the doggone good fun. The placement of the illustrations and text lets readers' eyes scamper across the page. Particularly well done are the stacked faces that show a group of children and create depth in the flatly colored artwork."
School Library Journal - July 2008

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