Help me make pictures...

can you help?
I'd like to make a new series of prints based on your answers to a few questions...
1) What/ who do you think is the coolest thing/person? (Turn-ups/Elvis)
2) What's your favourite combination? (Toast & marmite)
3) What couldn't live without? (Red)

Thanks very much...I'll let you know how I get on...I'd like to think of this being a bit like an art version of family fortunes..."We asked 100 people what their favourite combination was...and our top answer is...?"


  1. 1)puzzler comics
    2)white chocolate & sour cherries
    3)tea n jesus (although that could be my answer for no.2)

  2. 1 Barack Obama
    2 Pasta & cheese
    3 Tea

    PS I like your blog.

  3. 1) hand prints (by a one year old)
    2) knitting needles and a new ball of wool
    3) bubble baths

    ps, I found you through Alice, I love your pictures x


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