Co-commissioned by At-Bristol, Bristol City Council & Destination Bristol, Hannah was asked to produce artwork that not only celebrated Bristol's harbourside but also covered up a large unsightly wooden hoarding stretching 73metres!

“ We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with a local artist/designer to make new work on this scale. Hannah has taken our brief and run with it! She knows just how to make you smile; her use of colour will ensure that everyone will be uplifted when they see it, and when they read the text they will recognise all the elements that make Bristol harbourside so great.”
Donna Speed, Commercial Operations Director, At-Bristol

The banners which span nearly 230ft are to due for unveiling just in time for Bristol's Harbour Festival, the perfect backdrop for a great weekend. So whether you are on the lookout for 'festivals & friends', 'food & drink', or 'boats, ferries & pirates', be sure to do some 'walking & thinking' and check out my artwork. The banners run along the edge of millennium square to the waterfront next to Bordeaux Quay.



  1. yeah yeah yeah!!!!! How wonderful! xxx

  2. Your art work is wonderful.
    We are just back from a couple of days in Bristol. Never been before and I am now in love and can't wait for our next visit.
    Took some photos of your banners, which are just so colourful and cheery and made me smile.
    Had a quick look through your old posts, the food poster and tomorrow text are both fab too.

  3. Charlotte Deighton7 August 2010 at 21:09

    Hi Hannah, it's Charlotte, Ruth's friend...just had to find your blog as saw your work along the harbourside today and was cooing all over it and said to Chris, that's amazing and looks just like Ruth's sister's work...and it was yours! so was really chuffed. bEautiful, beautiful, work - you are a very clever lady!! you made us smile, so thank you x


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