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This is a lovely project I am working on for Bristol University. They are carrying out some national research into kinship care - interviewing young people between the ages of 8-18, who for whatever reason, are not looked after by their parents but by a member of their family instead. Above is my logo for the project.

With many design processes it can be a long journey to get to the final point, for this the struggle has been establishing what the clients want and then translating this into images that appeal to our target age group but also communicate to the academic & research community. Despite the ups and downs, trying to get it right, I have to say that I am really pleased with the result and now we have this sorted I look forward to the rest of the project beginning to take shape.

The interviews with the young people will take the form of an activity book, which i am designing and illustrating. This is the cover for it. This is just the start of the project and the content is yet to devised and written - so watch this space...


  1. Hannah, I really love this, especially the workbook. I also really love reading your explanation of the process and what was tricky, sounds like all the hard work was worth it! xxx


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