little things of christmas Advent Calendar : day 3 "when it's dark outside & houses are all lit up"!

"When it's dark outside & houses are all lit up & you get a little sneaky peak into other peoples lives"
Come on - we're all nosey by nature!


  1. I'm loving these. Brilliant idea to release one a day. By the way I have to tell you I'm also loving our "little things" pictures. w - z are in Sam's bedroom and monkey and robot are his favourite. He says goodnight and kisses them every night before he goes to bed!

  2. aaaawww!
    that is very very sweet.
    I'll have to let you know when the Monkey& Robot books come out. First one in Feb 2011- they have little pop out characters in- so he could have them right by his bed! Thanks for your lovely comments. hx

  3. Wow!This is all so nice. Congratulations to you both on the Monkey & Robot books - they look bloomin' ace! We shall definitely purchase a set for young Henry in the new year. Hope all is well and good luck with the endeavors! xBecca, Ed & Henry

  4. I love this kind of scene. There's something so cosy about lit windows on a dark evening!


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