Day 4 : little things of christmas

Day 3 : Dogs in jumpers!
This obviously is becoming more of a 'usual' sighting, but this time of year does seem to bring a few more out, particularly the specifically 'christmas themed canine outfits' - surely this is a bit of FREE festive entertainment for us all to enjoy! Hurrah!

NB: I heard some people were have a problem viewing m'blog on 'older' puters, so I have gone a wee bit retro and changed its template- hopefully this will suit all technical platforms you may wish to view on...let me know if that's not the case.


  1. I'm loving your virtual calendar. Only problem is that it hasn't be accepting comments. Let's see if this one is posted.

  2. Bingo! And it should have been 'been'!

  3. I love your dogs in jumpers. I have a little dog just like this, a Cairn, but she would never agree to wearing a jumper. She only just allows me to put her lead on. What a shame!


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