Happy Advent! Day 1 : the little things of christmas advent calendar

Happy Advent! Can you believe its the first of December already? Can you believe it was snowing this time last year?...I remember this because I made a picture about it to celebrate day 1 of my 'little things of christmas advent calendar'!
I'm afraid this years calendar is going to be a reworked version of last year (with a baby due in 3 weeks, I have quite a lot going on!) so think of this years calendar as being last years pulled out of the christmas box, it has all of its doors neatly shut again, ready for you to guess, anticipate & open them - but in a slightly different order!

Anyway, the idea of 'the little things of christmas' is just that! Looking out for and enjoying all those tiny moments, touches and combinations that get us in the festive mood!...so here's day 1 - enjoy!

Day 1: Lots of Layers
I love wearing wintery woollens.
It makes me feel cosy & a little bit invincible (which is always nice!) Embrace this time of year & wear lots of layers!


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