A- Z of extraordinary animals

Since having a child, despite her still being pretty wee, I have read lots of books featuring farm yard animals. Now I love cows, pigs and chickens, but I also really love lots of other animals. With this in mind, it moved me to start making a new series of prints.
The A - Z of extraordinary animals!
Here is a-f work in progress. Any ideas of what X should be?


  1. I once got around the 'X Problem' by doing an X-ray of a dog, otherwise you might end up at microscopic level....or using a foreign language...

  2. http://answers.ask.com/Society/Family/what_animal_starts_with_x

    The dog on the list is quite funny looking and the xantus is a hummingbird. xx

  3. Superb!!!
    Thanks for the effort and also thanks for sharing.
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  4. "X"traordinary fun! Might this be a springboard for another children's book? My two grandsons love your monkey & robot books.


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