do you live in a house like this?

I was recently commissioned by the Bedminster energy group to draw some pictures of a variety of different types of homes- so as to help people know how to insulate their particular type of home. Maybe not everyones idea of highbrow literature, but a good old bit of public broadcasting non the less! I however loved the wizzy wizziness of being able to use googlemaps' live view thing to look at actual houses in South bristol to be able to draw from- so I had a tour of bedminster, ashton & Southville from the comfort of my studio- ahhhh technology!

are you a ashton semi?

a bedminster terrace?

or a southville edwardian number?

for more actual info about insulating your home check our the website & look out for new leaflets with my wee pictures on them, all coming out soon.


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  3. We LOVED LOVED LOVED your pictures! The leaflets from Bemmie Energy Group have been going out all over BS3 for the last couple of months. :-)


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