LOVE is in the post

Its nearly valentines day, so I thought I'd...

a) show you my card valentine's card portfolio


b) offer to be your cupid!

We all know how glorious it is to receive post, particularly a love letter or a lovely letter. Well you can choose a card from my little portfolio here, and for just £2.60, I will post your card to your loved one!*

I can either post it to you, so you can fill in the card and all that, or if you'd like me to be be the cupid pigeon, then email/ Facebook your message,  the address of who it is to and I'll do the rest!

You must get orders to be next tuesday 12th, for me to get it in the post in time.

So who do you love? Which card says it best?

* you can do a bank transfer or a paypal thingy!


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