Long distance art swap

the most amazing thing happened to me recently...

I was having a wee look on pinterest (as you do) and saw a beautiful beautiful picture that someone had pinned & I repinned it to my illustration board & then I went on a little quest to find out who made the image, you know a spot of googling, minor internet stalking!
I found a flickr site full of amazing images. I decided to email this person... I wanted to tell this person that I thought there work was amazing & to see if any of these pictures were for sale...
after a few days I got a reply, sadly the t-shirts I'd expressed an interest were samples and were quite little, or at least far too little for Mr Hayes! But anyway Ra'Ra'Sva or Yenting as I now know he is called had had a look at my work too and when I suggested we did a LONG-DISTANCE ART SWAP he said yes! (He is based in Taichung, Taiwan.) Whoop de doo!

The picture I really liked is actually an original watercolour/ ink painting, so I suggested I did an orginal piece in return, but Yenting said he'd like a print & a t-shirt.

So off we both went to our respective studios to pack up our goods for each other.
My parcel for him contained the following...

BUT CHECK I WHAT I GOT!... (please excuse my eager face & messy studio!!)
Pretty blumming chuffed though. Its sooo beautiful I feel very very lucky to be the owner of this utterly amazing picture. HURRAH It only travelled 6272 miles to get to me!

Me & yenting are now chatting about the possibility of doing a long distance art swap exhibition with a collection of Bristol & Taiwanese artists. WATCH THIS SPACE!


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