A-Z of Bristol - new print

Thank you to everyone who helped making suggestions for the various letters...
I am very pleased to share my new A-Z of Bristol...
A is for allotments, a patchwork across the city
B is for 1st balloon you see, once you see one, you are bound to see more
C is for colourful houses up on the hill
D is drinking
E is for Eating
F is for festivals
G is green
H is for harbourside
I is for independent shops
J is for Jumping on a bike (and off again if the hills get too much!)
K is for Kingdom (great middle name!)
L is for Leigh Woods
M is for music
N is for Nature Documentaries
O is for Odd Brizzolisms
P is for Planetarium
Q is for Queens Square
R is Rrrrrrrr (roundabout with a bear in it!)
S is for (that) Skyline
T is tobacco Factory
U is for University
V is for (old) Vic
W is for (painted) Walls
X is for X marks the spot
Y is for You
Z is for Zoo

This print is on sale now from Paper Scissor Stone, Quaker's Friars or from Room 212 on the Gloucester Road, or off course from me! Just email me. £90 framed or £35 unframed.


  1. Could you tell me what the dimensions of this (framed) are please?

  2. I want to buy the A to Z of Bristol framed. Can you let me have your email address please. Angela

  3. Love this! I got ours yesterday and can't wait to see it brightening up our walls...

  4. Are you able to post it framed?


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