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Its a funny thing being a freelancer- sometimes its utterly brilliant, you can pick and choose your hours, work at home, eat sweets and not have to share them with the rest of the office...but sometimes when you don't actually have anyone to make you a cup of tea and pep you up a bit when thinks are a bit tricky its really blummin hard... also when you have work on, you are so busy just cracking on to meet a deadline you forget to pat yourself on the back and say, hey wow - look what I did!..

So this is me, taking a step back and looking at what I have been busy working on over the last few months...

I have done quite a few commissions for Park That Bike, a lovely company that provide bike parking for councils and small businesses. It all sounds a bit dry, but the man behind it all is a very lovely man indeed and is passionate about cycling! Like the good bristolian that I am, I have taken to cycling over the last few years and when Peter asked me to do the illustrations for this book I just had to say YES!

 In the last 7 months, we have published 5 versions of the book.  Cleverly Park that bike, have been offering councils there own bespoke copies, with their own covers and a whole chapter dedicated to cycling in their area. Its been a brilliant project. I have illustrated the books through-out and have done the design and layout too- which have been a real joy to be in control of it all from start to finish.

As well as books about bikes, I have just done a rather special cook book.  

In celebration of my father-in-laws 70th birthday, we got together to create a family cook book. It was Em's idea and she took on editing and collating the project and did the illustration and design bit. I didn't want it to become a family scrap book, I wanted it to be a beautiful thing, so I had to steal Felix's lovely camera and attempt a bit of food-photography as well as illustrating some pages, while dropping in the odd family snap shot to keep it relevant. But I'm really chuffed with how it has come out and look forward to actually cracking on and making some of these very very yummy dishes. He seemed pretty chuffed with it too and now the 5 households that make up the Hayes Family are all proud owners of a very exclusive cookbook!


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