Today it is sunny.
I've had a lovely year of busyness and lots of lovely projects to get my teeth into, working with lovely clients.

But at the beginning of the year I was a bit quiet.
I decided to do some work for MYSELF!...
I wanted to make a picture book for grown ups and children about depression.

This book probably won't go anywhere, get published, or really be seen by anyone apart from the few people who view it here. That's ok. I just needed to get some words and some pictures down.

I'd like people to see it.
Cause I think its really important to talk about depression. I've suffered from it for over 20 years. Not all the time, but I've had a couple of bad glitches and I'm aware of it all of the time. It can be really really hard.  I used to think that having a child would help 'shake me out of the gloom' that I'd have to be less selfish and get on with it.  It doesn't work like that.  Its hard.

Anyway I wrote this when I was feeling good (that was kind of important, otherwise it might be a bit TOO grey!) its overtly autobiographical, so maybe other people won't relate to it... but I'm proud I manage to- in my slightly clumsy, rambling way - communicate something about this greyness.

Let me know what you think, share it with pals who you think might get it and any mental health publishers out there get in touch!!


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  2. This is wonderful Hannah, as a sufferer and a counsellor it says it all and wraps up a huge thing under an approachable duvet - Phil

  3. As a person who occasionally feels that grey has made itself unwelcomingly at home, I found this book tremendously important. Important because it paints understanding. Understanding grey is the best way to see the wonderful side that grey (and life) has to offer. Thank you, Hannah.

  4. Thank you for this - I needed to be reminded.

  5. Hannah that is bloody brilliant, so beautifully simply put. You are a lovely clever woman for doing such a thing x

  6. the above comment was from me Claire T!


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