A year of cake

In a potentially gloomy world, with change afoot and this all seeming a bit grim... its time to take it slow... take time, see the people you love, share and make a cake date...

My dear pal Annabel is a cook, a baker, a writer, a creator, a mother & a marketeer.  This is her idea to make a date each month to make a cake and share it.

I'm not much of a baker and get a bit intimidated by kitchen domestic bliss, but I do enjoy drinking tea & eating cake!  I also love drawing the story of things, so when Annabel asked me to collaborate, I said yes please!

So here it is Year of cake : month 1 : January : Carrot cake

What do you think?
Are you in?
Wanna join our Year of Cake gang?
month 2 : February : what should it be?


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