Tuesday, 14 April 2015

46 square metres of artwork!

What a poor neglected blog!…anyway here's some BIG work I have been doing recently for an exciting project with Willis & Newson. A new dementia unit is being build in Hertford. Its a place where newly diagnosed patients go for 40 days to be monitored and assessed. Its both a medical & residential space so art plays a big part of it. I have been commissioned to produce 46 square metres of artwork that covers the corridors to help orientate patients as well as give them visual reflexions.

  • The market scene is full of busy details, buildings are a mixture of generic & real bits of iconic  architecture in Hertford.
  • The canal scene is supposed to be more reflective & with a calmer feel but still lots to engage a viewer.
  • The trees are designed for patients to be able to decorate through-out the year, attaching leaves & blossom and other seasonal decorations
  • The building details are decals which will be dotted around the whole centre.
Its all in production at the moment being turned into GIANT digital wallpaper…look forward to seeing the real thing soon.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


As an illustrator, the majority of my work is commissioned, but I've done quite a lot of 'private commissions' this year, so work for just lovely people who want it rather than it being for some commercial or corporate use. These a few of the jobs…

4 teas 
a lovely piece to illustrate the 4 cups of tea that the client was bought by her husband to celebrate her 40th Birthday- her forties..her 4teas - get it? Very clever...

this is a picture the client sent me of the pictures all framed and hung in their home- hurrah!

A special A-Z of Bristol
I was asked by a couple to customise my A-Z of Bristol to add a new image for J.
It was a present for their friend who's family business is 100 years old this year…

Lastly, a slightly different kind of thing, but after doing a drawing of me, Felix & Ursula as our Happy New Year card this year, a few friends got in touch asking if I could do family portraits for them too- here are 2…

Friday, 27 June 2014

A wee bit of artwork on channel 4...

Nice to have a bit of artwork on the telly!
My 5 metre wide donor wall makes an apperance on C4's 'One Born Every Minute' - I've never actually been able to watch the programme- might have to give it a go now!..You know nothing like a bit of vanity to make other peoples' child-birth watchable... oh hang on a minute!

Here is Emma Bunton (baby spice) admiring my artwork at Southmead hospital- she bought a balloon  donor wall- good on her!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

May I BIG myself up?

Here I am look! A little feature interview with me in this months Clifton Life. Thanks to Made in Bristol for sorting it out for me.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Pictures for a new hospital

I had a lovely afternoon on friday being shown around the beautiful new Southmead hospital. I had a sneak peak at it all; the wards, the beautiful big light public spaces, the gardens and some of its new art collection!

The reason for the visit was to see some of my work in situ, they have recently bought some 25 pieces of my work to add to the collection (900 or works in total)  it was pretty exciting! 

I don't really know much about hospitals - because thankfully I haven't had to spend much time in one - but apparently with infection control the new thinking is for wards to all have single rooms- so with 500 rooms in this new mega hospital, its quite a specatular claim to say that EVERY room has a work of art in it!... Art makes you healthy - we all know that!

So if you find yourself on ward 9 - the rehabilitation ward - you will be able to enjoy some of my little things in life, if you work on that ward and want to chill in the quiet room, you can hang out with a few best combinations, or if you are in out-patients stroll down a corridor peppered with 'Hannah Broadway's'!

Many many Thanks to Ruth Sidgwick for her support, energy and of course great taste!