Friday, 21 February 2014

Jane Eyre

Felix is currently performing Jane Eyre at Bristol Old Vic - yesterday was Press night, and that is the official 'opening' of the show. Traditionally the cast and crew all give each other good luck cards on 'first night'. Fee asked me to design a bespoke card for him...

I should say - I went to see the shows (its 2 parts) yesterday and it was really rather stunning, a handsome, stylish, thoughtful, funny, telling of the epic story - just a hurt bit of theatre! And Felix is pretty darn brilliant as Rochester- even if I do say so myself!

Monday, 11 November 2013

made in Bristol aprons - from sketchbook to shop (in pictures)

I was delighted to be asked to be one of 4 artists to design something special for a new exclusive Made in Bristol label.
This is the story of how my design went from sketchbook to shop with the help of Alice Rolfe...

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A-Z of Bristol - new print

Thank you to everyone who helped making suggestions for the various letters...
I am very pleased to share my new A-Z of Bristol...
A is for allotments, a patchwork across the city
B is for 1st balloon you see, once you see one, you are bound to see more
C is for colourful houses up on the hill
D is drinking
E is for Eating
F is for festivals
G is green
H is for harbourside
I is for independent shops
J is for Jumping on a bike (and off again if the hills get too much!)
K is for Kingdom (great middle name!)
L is for Leigh Woods
M is for music
N is for Nature Documentaries
O is for Odd Brizzolisms
P is for Planetarium
Q is for Queens Square
R is Rrrrrrrr (roundabout with a bear in it!)
S is for (that) Skyline
T is tobacco Factory
U is for University
V is for (old) Vic
W is for (painted) Walls
X is for X marks the spot
Y is for You
Z is for Zoo

This print is on sale now from Paper Scissor Stone, Quaker's Friars or from Room 212 on the Gloucester Road, or off course from me! Just email me. £90 framed or £35 unframed.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Long distance art swap

the most amazing thing happened to me recently...

I was having a wee look on pinterest (as you do) and saw a beautiful beautiful picture that someone had pinned & I repinned it to my illustration board & then I went on a little quest to find out who made the image, you know a spot of googling, minor internet stalking!
I found a flickr site full of amazing images. I decided to email this person... I wanted to tell this person that I thought there work was amazing & to see if any of these pictures were for sale...
after a few days I got a reply, sadly the t-shirts I'd expressed an interest were samples and were quite little, or at least far too little for Mr Hayes! But anyway Ra'Ra'Sva or Yenting as I now know he is called had had a look at my work too and when I suggested we did a LONG-DISTANCE ART SWAP he said yes! (He is based in Taichung, Taiwan.) Whoop de doo!

The picture I really liked is actually an original watercolour/ ink painting, so I suggested I did an orginal piece in return, but Yenting said he'd like a print & a t-shirt.

So off we both went to our respective studios to pack up our goods for each other.
My parcel for him contained the following...

BUT CHECK I WHAT I GOT!... (please excuse my eager face & messy studio!!)
Pretty blumming chuffed though. Its sooo beautiful I feel very very lucky to be the owner of this utterly amazing picture. HURRAH It only travelled 6272 miles to get to me!

Me & yenting are now chatting about the possibility of doing a long distance art swap exhibition with a collection of Bristol & Taiwanese artists. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

robin hood

a little something I've been working on recently... I do love doing flyers & posters...& drawing jolly folk with feathers in their hats!!