It's ok to like pink

I Love pink!

At the beginning of the year, with Trump's election and the women's march being such an incredible global event, I got a bit cross. I got my feminist hat on. I liked that people were making pink pussyhats to wear at the march, but it also made me roll my eyes and sigh- 'oh why does it have to be pink?'... but also woo hoo... I felt a bit confused I guess.

Sadly me & my little girl Ursula didn't make the march in Bristol, as she had chicken pox, but we talked about it a lot, and I wanted to find a way to talk about pink.

So I wrote and illustrated a book!

'It's Ok to like pink'
It's a picture book for Big and little children (by this I mean EVERYONE!) about pink.
I hope you like it!
I've had a small run printed.
If you'd like to buy a signed limited edition, then please head to my etsy shop.



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