Recent work : album cover

Sometimes my job involves absolutely no drawing at all!... which sometimes can be quite nice, to exercise a different bit of my process.  I recently had the pleasure of  designing Phil King's new album. He's a client that knows exactly what he wants, the artwork is actually a  photo he took on his phone of a patch of paint in his mates bathroom! So along with that picture & Paul Blakemore's beautiful portraits, i had all my ingredients, the job was just to make them work! 

I love working on a computer, sending artwork to print and then getting the physical  object back and holding (& smelling it - I've got a thing about the smell for print - mmmmmm) it in your hands.
It's very satisfying.

The other thing I really liked doing for this was working in a series, so designing the cds, the postcards, the posters, the whole set of Russian dolls as it were!

So a lovely job, with a very lush album as a bonus! Thanks Phil. He's touring till July so you should go and see him and buy one these albums and  hold it in your very own hands - and smell it if you so desire!


  1. Antonia and I saw Phil at St George's last year. He's a great singer and songwriter, well worth a listen. Nice album artwork too I hear...


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