At-Bristol picnic tables

At-Bristol have recently created a great picnic space for school groups or families to go and hang out and eat in. The only problem was it was a little on the drab side - so I got asked to brighten it up! Hurrah! The space has a series of large bench tables, so the above images are scratch-proof vinyls that are being put onto to each table. The idea being you will feel like you are picnic-ing outdoors!...and you can even eat your sandwich off a plate that is drawn on the table!..if you know what I mean?!
Below are a some giant sunflowers which will go on a massive concrete wall to help set thetone.


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I want you to design us a table or two or three!

  2. Look at those colorful and attractive scratch-proof vinyls for large bench tables. This site provides readers an essential idea to make a smart online purchase of park equipments.


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