Dreaming of home: NEW WORK FOR SALE!

Dreaming of home is the theme for Greenbelt festival this year, and I was asked to make some illustrations based on this idea to be included in the brochure as well as to be turned into t-shirt designs.
They are a series of images about collections of categorised objects that could represent home. I have got rather taken by the idea, and have made them into a limited edition of digital prints for sale.
So each of these is my usual A4 format and cost just £10 each.
I am exhibiting them in the South Bank arts trail this weekend, so if you are in Bristol pop into to no.40 (mount pleasant terrace) and take a look.

"Dreaming of home: condiments"

"Dreaming of home: Toys"

"Dreaming of home: Cups"

"Dreaming of home: Houses"

"Dreaming of home: Technology"
Email me if you would like a copy of any of these new prints.


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