Umwangavu: Every girl Shapes her future

I was asked by a friend who works for an ad agency  Wieden + Kennedy to produce some test illustrations for a project they are doing for Nike. It's part of a charity project and is about investing and inspiring young Rwandan girls - giving them opportunities, education and choices, one way they are trying to do this is through a magazine aimed at teenaged girls, called 'Umwangavu, every girl shapes her future'.
The first thing I was asked to do was to make a simple illustration to indicate changes in puberty. The idea is that these pages will be printed onto a slightly translucent paper, so when you hold it to the light you can see them with no clothes on!

If nothing else I have learnt a good bit of random Rwandan, that I'm sure will come in handy some time!
I have just had an email from my friend from the agency who is off to Rwanda today, and apparently they have already had a bit of feedback that, in fact the images may be too full on and even be deemed against the law- so we will see!
The other things I have done, I hope will be less controversial!

These flying birds are initial ideas for icons to be used through the magazine. The designers at W+K will probably change them quite a lot but they were looking for some images to help them capture a feel of colour, energy and well something slightly naive in style...I let you see where they take it when and if the project goes any further!...


  1. Quite amused that you may have BROKEN THE LAW! Xxx

  2. master criminal! All with the power of the pen...x x x

  3. I just told Rob about this. He was also amused that you are a (potential) law-breaker.
    He then suggested something that made me spray my breakfast everywhere (lol-ing, natch):
    he said that to illustrate the dressed vs naked youths you should do a range of 'those' pens!
    Hope you find it as funny as I did. So wrong, eh. xx


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