I love posters. I think they may be one of my favourite commissions. There is just something about them. I've been lucky enough to do quite a few recently.
One is a re-worked version for Red Table Theatre's production 'Just so stories' for their Edinburgh run. Then next is for Purple Goat Theatre who are producing a epic production of 'Pinocchio' in Southend, performing with professionals, adults with learning difficulties and primary school kids. Funnily its my second Pinocchio poster, as I did stuff for the Roundhouse for there christmas show last year. It's quite a fun excerise to revisit a brief with a new client.  Finally I have produced a trio of posters for Kilter Theatre who are embarking on a 3 year project based in Bath. Its called 'The Green Roofs' it will work with the residents of a pretty rundown estate, Snow Hill, whilst also using expertise from photographers, historians, story tellers, to inspire, devise and develop some kind of performance about the people and place to be performed in 2013.


  1. i kind of love that 'just so stories' one, have any extra posters floating around for special #1 fans? not that we have any wall space in ye olde small flat. but we'd make some.


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