a is aardvark, b is for bongo, c is for coati...

A is aardvark, B is for bongo, C is for coati etc!
Here is me with my NEW A1 poster of the complete 'A-Z of lesser known Animals' Hurray! Am very pleased with it (even if I don't look it in this photo!)
It will be on sale at a Christmas market near you very soon!...well if you live in Bristol, or via the old postal service & paypal system too. Just £35 a pop. Drop me an email or comment below if you are interested.

This is the full alphabet, so you can see it a little more clearly, and don't have to look at me looking embarrassed and our messy kitchen!


  1. Looks splendid! I'd like one please

    1. well send me an email- Hannahkbroadway@googlemail.com & I'll tell you how to purchase one! cheers pal HX


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